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  • What does a Divorce Appraisal Entail?
  • Review Appraisal Support Services
    A direct result of the high quality appraisal reports we have generated since 1988 is the demand for our review services. Our review staff has a total of 78 combined years of experience in all aspects of real estate appraising. J.P. Morgan & Company currently supports the desk and field review needs for a number of large national and regional banks including Countrywide Home Loans, Chase Manhattan Bank, Eastern Bank, LandSafe Appraisal Services and GN Mortgage Company. Desk reviews are accomplished on FNMA Form 2006 can be completed and submitted to the client within 2 to 4 hours of receipt. Enhanced desk reviews, where the review appraiser will validate the field appraiser's information through our on-line sources of assessor and MLS information, are also completed on FNMA Form 2006 and can typically be submitted to the client within 12 to 24 hours of receipt. Field reviews involve an in-depth analysis of all information contained within the field appraiser's report. Each field review includes the review appraiser's exterior inspection of the subject property, each of the comparable properties utilized by the field appraiser, and an exterior viewing of additional properties the field reviewer may believe to provide further support to the final value conclusion. All field reviews are reported on FNMA Form 2000 and usually take 2 to 3 days to complete (special RUSH requests can usually be accommodated).
  • What Services do appraisers provide?
    In our complex society, you may need and use the services of a professional real estate appraiser for a variety of reasons. Depending upon an appraiser's designation and qualifications, he or she can provide some or all of these services: Appraisals - Residential or Commercial; Counseling and Consulting; Evaluations; Expert Witness Testimony; Litigation Preparation; Feasibility Studies; Market Analysis; Market Rent & Trend Studies; Tax Assessment Review and Advice or Zoning Testimony.
  • For Attorneys, Accountants, and Trustees"
    Over the past decade, our staff has accumulated the the broad range of appraisal experience necessary to offer our clients the uncompromising support they need. Whether analyzing the highest and best use of raw land, supporting a municipality for an eminent domain land taking, or preparing to be an expert witness in a complicated litigation, J.P. Morgan & Company has the experienced personnel necessary to complete a broad range of assignments over a wide and diverse territory. • Commercial / Industrial Appraisals • Divorce / Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony / Arbitration / Dispute Resolution - Our experience has shown time and again that experience COMBINED WITH proper, thorough preparation and an in-depth knowledge of the local market is the necessary formula for succeeding in in any dispute or litigation. The ability to assist you. • Market Studies/Feasibility Analysis - Suddenly, real property has been acquired or comes available for potential alternative use. The critical question is "What can I do to maximize the return on invested capital?". That's where we can help.• Probate / Trust / Bankruptcy Support
  • What constitutes a typical appraisal?
    The appraisal process is an orderly and concise method of reaching an estimate of value. The process has six major steps which include: definition of the problem, preliminary survey and appraisal plan, data collection and analysis, application of the three approaches to value, reconciliations of valueindications, final estimate of defined value. This process assists the appraiser in reaching a sound conclusion. The major phase of this process involves the application of the three approaches to value which include the Market Data Approach, the Cost Approach and Income Approach. The three approaches are reconciled and the value via most applicable approach, in the opinion of the appraiser, is selected as the final estimate of value. In most residential appraisals, particulary those of single or two family dwellings, the direct sales comparison or market approach best reflects the actions of buyers and sellers and is the most convincing and defendable approach to value.
  • Are real estate appraisals really necessary?
    The Importance Of A Professional Real Estate Appraisal IBecause much private, corporate, and public wealth lies in real estate, an accurate estimation of a property's value is essential to the economic well-being of the individual client, as well as society as a whole. A professional real estate appraiser assists his / her clients in estimating the market values of properties through by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of information relevant to a property so as to arrive at the most accurate value conclusion possible. Unquestionably, the professional opinion of the appraiser, backed by extensive training and knowledge, influences the decisions of people who own, manage, sell, purchase, invest in, and lend money on the security of real estate. And because the appraiser is trained to be an impartial third party in the lending process, this professional serves as a vital "check in the system," protecting real estate buyers from overpaying for property as well as lenders from over lending to buyers.
  • What qualifies someone to be a real estate appraiser?
    Appraiser Qualifications Amazing as it may seem, anyone can legally call themselves a "real estate appraiser" WITHOUT ANY EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE. Federal regulations require, however, that all appraisals accomplished for "federally related transactions" be performed by STATE LICENSED OR CERTIFIED APPRAISERS. In New England, all 6 states have specific licensing requirements, with each state having somewhat similar licensing regulations to the others. These requirements typically mandate that all real estate appraisers be, at a minimum, state licensed or state certified and have fulfilled rigorous education and experience requirements. Each LICENSED or CERTIFIED APPRAISER and must adhere to strict industry standards and a professional code of ethics, promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation and identified as the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). To protect your own interests, always hire an appraiser properly LICENSED or CERTIFIED by the state in which the property to be appraised is located.

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